Bamboo Atrovaginata Green Perfume 15 Litre by Charellagardens
Bamboo Atrovaginata Green Perfume 15 Litre by Charellagardens Bamboo Atrovaginata Green Perfume 15 Litre by Charellagardens

Bamboo 'Atrovaginata' Green Perfume 15 Litre


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This is the very best bamboo to plant in wet ground however it can be planted in all ground conditions but it is a perfect choice if you have a problem wet area in your garden You may want to consider using a Rhizome barrier as once these plants get established there's no stopping it, unless of course you have a large space to fill. In the Uk climate can reach in excess of 7 metres.

Bamboo Phyllostachys Atrovaginata 15 Litre: Also known as Green Perfume or Incense bamboo. The perfume and incense names derive from the characteristic sandalwood like scent it emits from the new culms, particularly when they are touched. This bamboo has adapted itself for living in wet or boggy conditions by having air canals in the rhizomes and root system, which makes it a excellent choice for boggy and wet ground. This bamboo develops extremely quickly from a young plant with new culms being a rich lush green.

What to expect: Your pant will arrive in a 15 litre/32cm pot. It will contain approximately 8 to 10 Culms, the tallest of which will be a minimum of 200cm. It will look exactly like the picture.

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Planting Position: A very adaptable Phyllostachys variety of Bamboo. It can be positioned just about anywhere in the garden, as we touched on above this plant is the perfect choice for very wet, even boggy ground, as well as normal areas of the garden. If you wish to restrict the spread of this plant we would recommend using a non-perishable barrier this bamboo can once established become a vigorous spreader.

Soil: Any apart from very heavy clay.

Suitable for container planting: Can be pot planted, but in our opinion its better suited for extremely wet ground where other plants have failed.

Eventual Height and Spread: In the Uk it can and often does reach 7 metres tall with a 5 metres spread.

Growth Speed: An extremely quick growing Bamboo.

Flowering Period: Not applicable.

Pruning: Not necessary.

Evergreen: Yes

Winter Hardy: Yes suitable for the coldest parts of the Uk to -20.

This Bamboo has no special requirements it will flourish without a problem where others have failed. An extremely tough and vigorous Bamboo

As well as the usual planting areas consider this plant for areas where others have failed due to poor ground it is one the toughest Bamboo on the market.

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