Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia 100cm 5 Litre. AKA Common Laurel.

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Pot grown new autumn 2019 stock in super condition currently in the region of 100cm. For a quick growing dense hedge we recommend a minimum of two and a maximum of 3 plants per metre. 

Cherry Laurel Hedging Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia 100cm 5 Litre: New pot grown 2019 autumn stock. Often referred to and known as Common Cherry Laurel, Laurocerasus Rotundifolia, whilst the word common is one nothing or no one likes to be tagged with, its not difficult to see why they are common. Low maintenance, fast growing, bushy, hardy, easy on the eye and evergreen what more can you want from a hedge. The large oblong foliage is bright glossy green it grows quickly to form a dense rounded evergreen hedge, perfect for creating borders or as barrier for noise or wind. Like yourself we want your hedging plants to stand the test of time and whilst they are very easily maintained we want your hedge to have the best possible start so we will add to all orders for 6 plants or more 1kg of Osmocote PrePlant for free, RRP £9.95 this is enough for upto 20 plants. 

What to expect: These are well established nice bushy plants in 5 litre pots currently approximately 100cm tall with a spread in excess of 50cm. 

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How many do i plant for a 4 metre hedge?

Plants of this size we suggest planting at 2 to 3 plants per metre, 2 is recommended but 3 if you need to get a hedge sorted quicker. 

How tall and how quick do the grow? 

Realistically in normal conditions you can expect a growth of around 60cm (2 feet per year), ultimate height can be upto 5 metres, we recommend an annual trim to restrict height.

When and how often do i need to trim them? 

Trim at least once a year preferably in late summer, a second light trim can be done in early spring if required.

Do i need to fed them? 

Like all plants they will respond well to some aftercare, assuming you added food or fertiliser to the planting area adding some topdress annually in spring goes a long way to maintaining a healthy plant, its not a necessity, but who doesn't like a bit of tlc.

Ive not pruned them for a few years and they look very untidy can i prune hard? 

Yes assuming they are mature plants which it sounds like they are they can be cut back hard.

Can i plant in all soil types, my soil is very alkaline? 

Yes they grow in all soil types but Chalky soil should be avoided this can cause the shrub to become chlorotic (yellowing of leaves)

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