Golden Phormium Plants. Phormium Gold Ray Large. 12 Litre


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Quick Overview

  • Pot Size cm


  • Planting Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Height

    80cm inc pot

  • Hardiness


  • Flowering Colour


  • Evergreen?


  • Growth Speed


  • Pot Size - Litre


  • High Quality Variegated Phormium Plants
  • Height upto 80cm.
  • Fully Winter Hardy.
  • A fantastic choice for winter colour

Phormium Tenax ‘Gold Ray’ 12 Litre. With its arching, strappy, sword-shaped leaves, Phormium Gold Ray makes a wonderful statement in the garden, during summer months huge spiked flowers can appear especially in areas with a warmer climate. Originally from New Zealand, Phormium are versatile evergreen plants that tolerate a range of conditions including seaside planting. They look at home in a variety of different planting schemes, and will sit happily in large pots. In recent years they have become increasingly popular in the UK this is mainly due to the fact that they grow quick, are easy to maintain and there is a large choice of varieties and colours. Gold Ray is a wonderful introduction with sword-like, variegated leaves. It makes a lovely attractive centrepiece in a container, or planted as an architectural specimen in the border, surrounded by coloured gravel or soil, it provides a fabulous contrast when surrounded by dark foliaged plants. In summer, especially in the warmer parts of the UK a spike of tubular, red flowers will shoot up from the centre, followed by study seed-heads.

What to expect: Your plant will arrive planted in a 12 litre/32cm pot. It will have an size excluding the pot of approximately 60/80cm and be well established, it will look just like the picture.

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Planting Position: Best planted in a sunny spot through to light shade partial shade. And somewhere it can be seen and admired.

Soil: Will sit happily and adapt to most soil types does especially well in damp free draining damp soil. Heavy clay should be avoided.

Suitable for container planting: Yes a great choice for pot or ground.  These are quick growing plants that  wil get relatively large If pot planted will it need repotting periodically.

Eventual height and spread: Typically 2 metres tall with a 2 metre spread.

Growth Speed: Quick Growth

Habit: Upright and draping

Flowering Period: July and August, however this does depend on summer temperatures, the warmer the climate the more probable flowering will be.

Pruning: Not really a requirement.

Platts Black is a clump forming medium sized evergreen plant any winter damage should be removed in spring before the growing season begins.

Foliage: Striking dark purple almost black.

Evergreen: Yes

Winter Hardy: Yes to approximately -10. It may be advisable if planted in a pot to protect the roots by wrapping the pot on bubble wrap during harsh winters or in the colder parts of the UK

Phormium are a tough plant that require very little maintenance apart from a tidy up after winter. Try adding some well-rotted manure in early spring to the planted area will give the plants a boost after the dormant months and stimulate new growth.

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