Magnolia Susan Large 130-140cm. 12 Litre Pot


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    Full Sun To Partial Shade

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    110cm ex pot.

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130-140 cm tall inclusive of pot, scented cerise pink flowers from year one. Actual plants approximately 110cm. Planted in a large 12 litre/30cm pot.

Magnolia Susan 12 Litre: A bushy, upright variety of Magnolia with large mid-green leaves. From mid spring to midsummer, narrow goblet-shaped, fragrant flowers emerge from slender, dark burgundy buds. These open to slightly twisted petals which are burgundy on the outside and paler on the inside. A glorious deciduous Magnolia that makes a lovely specimen for a small garden with neutral to acidic soil. 

What to expect: Your plant will arrive in planted in a 12 litre/30 cm pot and will have an actual plant size, excluding the pot of approximately 110 cm. The pictures were taken on our own nursery, they are our actual stock.

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Planting position: Magnolia prefer a good sunny spot but will cope well with partial shade. Preferably plant somewhere away from exposed windy sites and somewhere that avoids frost as much as possible, this is more important in early spring than during the winter as late harsh late frosts may damage the flowers.

Soil: Whilst this Magnolia prefers an acidic soil, it will adapt and still grow well in other types. If you soil has a high lime content it may be an idea to prepare a hole larger than required, line it, then add an Ericaceous compost mix this will make the soil a liitle more neutral by raising the acid content. Ensure the planting area has a good supply of water and does not dry out totally or become waterlogged.

Suitable for container planting: Possible but better suited to ground planting.

Eventual height and spread: A relatively small variety of the Magnolia cultivar that will only even in ideal conditions a miximum modest height of only 4 metres with a 3 metre spread. An ideal choice for smaller compact gardens

Pruning: Not really a necessity, if you choose to it should be done in Mid-summer when the tree is in full leaf. Any broken or damaged branches can be removed as they occur. Growth speed: Slow to medium.

Growth Habit: Upright Narrow

Evergreen: No deciduous

Flowering Period: A late flowering Magnolia, Flowers are produced from April throught to mid June

Foliage: Mid to dark green large leaves.

Winter hardy: Yes A relatively easy plant to maintain that has no real specific requirements during winter months

When planting prepare the hole by adding plenty of peat, this will help the plant adapt to its new surroundings quicker, also ensure your plant is planted at the same depth as it is in the pot. Like all new plants ensure a good water supply until established.

Magnolia trees are very attractive flowering plants that belong to the Magnoliaceae family. At the last count there was approximatey 210 species of magnolia that differ in size, shape, colour of the flower and type of habitat. The Magnolia originates from Southeast Asia and North America, but they have been naturalized to almost all continents in the world because of their beauty. Magnolia usually grows on acidic soils that are rich in nutrients, in areas that provide enough moisture and direct sunlight. It is often planted in parks and on the golf courses because of its ornamental morphology, ability to provide shade and the beautiful flowers it produce are very pleasing on the eye. Unfortunately, some species of magnolia are facing uncertain future due to habitat loss as a result of increased human activity


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