Rhododendron Horizon Monarch Established Plants 50-60cm 7.5 Litre pot.


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  • Pot Size cm


  • Planting Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Height

    50-60cm ex pot

  • Hardiness


  • Flowering Colour


  • Evergreen?


  • Growth Speed


  • Pot Size - Litre


Rhododendron Horizon Monarch a beautiful dark green bushy shrub producing yellow flowers. Supplied as well established plants in 7.5 litre pots

Rhododendron Horizion Monarch Established Plants 7.5 Litre pot: Horizon Monarch a relaitive newcomer first produced in 1981. A flowering hybrid producing flowers throughout May it is slightly larger variety that can reach heights in excess of 180cm, however 150cm is more the norm. Producing stunning yellow flowers with a hint of pink. Rhododendron are an easily maintained plant that require no pruning. Rhododendron are lime hating plants, lime soil stunts growth and prevents flowering. To ensure a good growing and flowering plant only plant in acid soil or ericaceous compost in light dappled shade.

What to expect: Our Rhododendrons are all very well established plants in 7.5 litre pots, depending on the time of year purchased your plants may arrive in flower or with buds, they will have a height excluding the pot of 50-60cm regardless of the time of year purchased. 

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Always ensure Rhododendron are planted in acid soil, they will not do well in lime soil. To keep acid levels high try adding sulphate of iron to the planting area this will keep acid levels high. For pot planting ericaceous compost only. Not always possibe but in hard water areas of the UK try watering usuing recycled rainwater. Extremely hardy to -10 and beyond these plants require winter protection in the coldest areas only. When planting do not plant to deep Rhododendron are classed as surface rooting plants so ideally plant with the roots just covered.

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