Photinia Red Robin 10 Litre. 80-100cm. New Season Stock - Special Offer

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Quick Overview

  • Pot Size - Litre

    10 Litre

  • Planting Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Anticipated Height

    3 metre +

  • Hardiness


  • Evergreen?


  • Growth Speed


Summer 2019 new season stock. Bushy Photinia Red Robin plants, planted in large 10 litre pots with a delivered height, excluding pot of approximately 80-100cm. These are new season plants in super condition, new summer growth should see the plants reach heights in excess of 120cm

Photinia Red Robin 10 Litre Large Plants 80-100cm: The Christmas Berry. A beautiful and ever popular evergreen shrub.  With its spectacular, glossy, green and red leaves. It is often used as a dense, fast growing hedge with fabulous results, if not pruned too hard it will produce small white flowers followed by red berries. Looking to create a hedge? we recommend planting at intervals of 2 to 3 per metre, this wont give an instant hedge but will give a good effect immediately and also leave the plants some growing room, to give your hedge the perfect start we suggest adding a slow release fertiliser to the planting area we recommend, 'Osmocote Pre Plant' its the professionals choice and what we use here on the nursery, and even better if you buy six or more plants we will automatically add 1kg, enough for twenty plants to your order.

What to expect:  Your plant will arrive planted in a 10 Litre/30cm pot. It will have a minimum height excluding the pot of 80/100cm.

Also available in large 18 litre pots 125/150cm, pictures 5 and 6 priced at £39.95. Please contact us for more details. 


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Planting position: Plant in full sun through to light, partial shade. Away from exposed windy sites and extreme frost.

Soil: Suited to a wide range of soils, even clay if it is improved with rotted manure or compost.

Suitable for container planting: Yes, will grow quite happily in a pot.

Eventual height and spread: Can and often does reach, without pruning, a height of 3 metres and a 2-3 metre spread.

Pruning: Photinias require minimal pruning but pruning throughout the year will encourage the regrowth of this spectacular foliage. If it is grown as a hedge then remove the tips of the young shoots to encourage the bright red leafy re-growth. They can be trimmed up to 3 times a year. It is best to prune the Christmas Berry in the growing season, late March early April.

Growth Speed: Relatively quickly.

Flowering period: If not pruned too severely flowering is usually April to May or June

Evergreen: Yes

Winter hardy: -10

In many circumstances where the Photinia is planted in rich soil, it will require no additional fertiliser. If you notice or think growth is relatively slow, apply some slow release fertiliser. Apart from this and pruning to keep the size in check the plant has no real specific requirements.

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