Buxus Pyramid Cone 70cm+ Ex Pot. 5 Litre.


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  • Pot Size - Litre

    5 Litre

  • Planting Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Anticipated Height

    70cm+ ex pot

  • Hardiness


  • Evergreen?


  • Growth Speed


Highest Quality Buxus Pyramid Cone 70cm excluding pot.

Buxus Sempervirens Pyramid 70cm+ excluding pot 5 Litre: Very dense small-leaved native evergreen, with dark green glossy, leathery leaves which give off an unusual sweet smell. Small tufty yellow flowers appear from late winter. Slow growing and shade tolerant, Buxus Box has traditionally been used for topiary work. We source all our Buxus plants from one exceptionally good grower in southern Holland so regardless of shape or size the plants are all of the same high quality. By having just one for all our Buxus stock supplier we are guaranteeing our returning customers continuity of supply.

What to expect: Your plant will arrive planted in a 5 litre/23cm pot with an actual height of 70cm+, height inclusive of pot of approximately 90cm. 

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Planting position: Buxus plants are reasonably versatile and adaptable, they are best planted in full sun through to partial shade.

Soil: Before planting cultivation of the soil will prove to be thoroughly beneficial. By digging a deeper hole than required you are ensuring the compacted layers of soil are broken down, this enables the roots to grow more satisfactorily. Ideally you should increase the humus levels in the soil by adding compost or well rotted manure. Suitable for container planting: Yes, most definitely, Buxus are equally happy in a pot as they are in the ground. Keep in mind if pot planted, they will need to be re-potted approximately every 3 years in larger pots and fresh compost.

Eventual height and spread: Not really applicable as all our buxus plants are for topiary rather than hedging but left untrimmed can reach upto 3 metres with a 3 metre spread. Pruning: Box is easily pruned and has the ability to grow from old wood, so do not worry about being to harsh. They should in perfect conditions be trimmed twice a year first time approximately mid May - early June this is after the first growth spurt of the spring. Second prune should be done late October when growth for the year has ceased, this will help the plants keep a tight compact look through winter. When trimming do not worry about damaging the leaves left on the plant, these will turn brown and fall off after a week or 2 when the new growth is beginning to show. If you only prune once a year this is best done in August.

Growth speed: Relatively slow.

Flowering Period: Not Applicable.

Foliage: Small compact leaves mid to dark green

Evergreen: Yes

Winter hardy: Yes.

Tips for a happy plant: Buxus is a plant that requires nutrients, we've all seen brown buxus outside doorways and shop entrances, however with a relatively small amout of care this can be avoided. Firstly always ensure an adequate water supply, when pot planted bear in mind due to the compactness of these plants even after rain the soil underneath may still remain relatively dry. As said previously plants in pots should be repotted with fresh compost every 3 years(Maximum) . We recommend you use the fertiliser 'Osmocote', the granules have nutrients that are released gradually so the plants have all they need throughout all of the growing season it works for approximately 6 months so one feed a year is sufficient.

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