Extra Large Red Flowering Camellia Plants 90-100cm. 10 Litre


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    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Height

    90-100cm ex pot

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Double Red Flowering Camellia Japonica Black Lace large plants, super quality 90cm+ excluding pot and very bushy, exactly like the pictures. For best results we recommend you plant in acid soil or ericaceous compost, Camellia are ideal for pots or borders. Hardy to -15 and beyond Evergreen and winter flowering, upto approximately 1.5 metres with a similar spread at maturity.


Large Double Red Flowering Camellia Japonica Plants Black Lace 10 Litre Pot 90-100cm excluding pot: Beautiful large established double red flowering Camellia plants - Black Lace.  The beautiful deep red petals are a fantastic contrast to glossy green foliage. Buds begin appearing in October or November depending on the climate in your location flowers will be produced from December and will continue right through to April, summer months the plants are dark glossy green with new growth paler and brighter. Camellia are lime hating plants and whilst they will survive in lime soil growth will the stunted and if any flowers are produced they will be small and rather insignificant, it really is worth improving the planting area to raise acid levels or plant in a container using ericaceous compost. Rather than purchasing soil testing kits a good indication of soil type can be found by taking a look at the plants already in situ, if you have Heather, Acers, Pieris, Rhododendron, Azalea already planted and thriving its probable your soil is high in acid, if on the other, hand you have unsuccessfully tried to grow the above its probable your soil likely has a high lime content. Details of how to improve the planting area can be found in our ' Additional Product Info' tab below.

What to expect: Your plant will arrive very well established planted in a 10 litre/30 cm pot, it will have a minimum height excluding the pot of 90 cm, height inclusive of pot is approximately 120 cm+, and will look just like the pictures or depending when purchased with flowers.

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Camellias can be grown in full sun, partial shade or even full shade, however we don't recommend the latter. They can readily withstand the coldest winters and are fully hardy and relatively quick growing. If planted in a windy area a stake may be advisable. That is not to say that camellias cannot be planted in windy positions as many of the older more established varieties make excellent windbreaks Camellias are best planted in the spring or autumn with some leaf mould, peat or farmyard manure incorporated into the planting pit ideally with a sprinkling of fertiliser. 

Do not feed camellias later than the end of July, as excessive or late feeding can lead to bud drop.

How to Acidify your soil. Try adding Sulphur this is the most common, effective and economical acidifying material. Soil organisms convert sulphur into sulphuric acid, so acidifying the soil. The more finely ground the sulphur the more quickly the bacteria can convert it; sulphur dust is quicker acting than sulphur chips. Be aware acidification by sulphur takes weeks to have an effect, and when the soil is cold in winter, months might be needed.

Application: Sprinkle sulphur over the soil to be treated at the rate required. Do this in still weather as the dust is very fine and drifts readily. Gloves, goggles and dust-mask are sensible precautions if treating large areas.

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