Large head 1/2 standard Cryptomeria Japonica Globosa Nana by Charellagardens
Large head 1/2 standard Cryptomeria Japonica Globosa Nana by Charellagardens Large head 1/2 standard Cryptomeria Japonica Globosa Nana by Charellagardens

1/2 Standard Cryptomeria Japonica 'Globosa Nana' 18 Litre - Large Head


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  • Pot Size - Litre

    18 Litre

  • Planting Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

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  • Evergreen?


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Top quality standard Cryptomeria plants, these are our larger Cryptomeria with a stem size of approximately 50/60cm with a large head size of 45/50cm perfect for pot planting or planted as centre piece to create a focal point. Also known as Japanese Red Cedar

Large Head 1/2 Standard Cryptomeria Japonica Globosa Nana 18 Litre pot 50/55 Head.  Cryptomeria Japonica also known as the Japanese Red Cedar. An extremely decorative variety forming a dense dome of dark green foliage, new growth is mid green darkening with maturity shades of pale blue can be present during the winter, these plants are fully hardy for the whole of the uk including the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. They make a good alternative to the more established topiary plants. Cryptomeria Japonica is a slow growing dwarf variety of conifer that requires very little maintenance apart from the usual of feeding during the growing season and ensuring it is watered, especially during the growing season. These are lovely large plants standing at approximately 160cm inclusive of pot

What to expect; Your plants will arrive in a 18 litre pot with a height excluding pot of approximately 100/110cm, clear stem is around 50/60cm. It will look exactly like the pictures, beautiful plants, with large mature heads. 




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Generally a trouble free low maintenance plant.

Planting Position: Best planted in moist well drained soil in a sheltered spot away from strong wind.

Soil: It will happily sit in most soil types, clay should be avoided where possible.

Pruning is not necessary but if required should be done at the end of the growing season.

Feed with a general liquid fertiliser or add a slow release granules such as Osmocote to the compost when planting.

Cryptomeria trees (Cryptomeria japonica) are also known as Japanese cedars and are closely related to bald cypress and redwood trees. In cold winter temperatures, the dark green needles will blush to purplish bronze. Beautiful as a singular specimen or planted in pots for a topiary effect. In the UK it is quickly becoming an alternative to less hardy topiary plants

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