Vine Plants

Vine Plants

For something different and charming, Charella offers an array of vine plants that can give your outdoor space a lift. You can choose from a variety of plants that are ideal for any kind of garden or area. If you are looking to add colour and texture, then our range of climbers and vine plants will take care of it all

Vine plants that elevate your garden

Whether you are lacking space for large plants or simply want to add depth and character, our plants are certain to bring plenty of joy. You can indulge in evergreen climbers, flowering plants and grape vines that will transform your garden instantly. They are ideal for hiding walls and fencing or for trailing along areas of your garden that require colour. You can plant them to complement the likes of garden trees and they can also be grown in pots and planters if required.

This versatile plant will bring so much to your outdoor space that it will create an area where you will love to spend time. The elegance and depth that they provide will enable your garden to become much more than an empty space. So, look at our plants and discover something that works perfectly for your garden.

A versatile addition that offers much more

Browse our range of vine plants and you will discover a range of perfect options. If you are craving all-year-round colour, then our evergreen vine plants are the ideal choice. You can opt for creeper plants and even Star Jasmine climbers that burst into colour at certain times of the year. The great thing about this versatile plant is that it can bring out the colour and detail of other plants and trees in your garden such as Acer trees or colourful shrubs. Give your garden a focal point and introduce one of our many wonderful plants and watch your garden come to life.

Looking after your plant

This type of plant is known to need plenty of water although it will also require a spot where there is plenty of sunshine. The soil must be moist although you will need to make sure that it drains well. For the first year, leave the plant to grow and then you can prune it the following January while you should also remove all flowers during the two years after you have planted it.

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