Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

You can give your garden a unique appearance by introducing climbing plants that are available at Charella. We make it possible to find a variety of plants that can complement other plants and trees in your garden while you can also add colour with ease.

Select from a variety of climbing plants

Climbing plants offer an exceptional level of versatility when it comes to discovering the perfect plant for your garden. They are ideal for covering unsightly walls or features, they can grow over fences and even pergolas. What makes these plants a great addition to your garden is the way in which they can be used to introduce colour all year round. You can choose from climbers that produce vibrant flowers or evergreen climbers that look beautiful throughout the year.

Browse our range of plants and you will find the likes of Wisteria, Grape Vine and even Star Jasmine climbers. Once established, climbers will give your garden a new dimension, but they can also be used to create a focal point that gives your garden a feature that really stands out.

Why climbing plants are perfect for your garden

Our climbing plants are an excellent addition to any garden. They add vertical interest and can transform a dull wall or fence into a lush green tapestry. Climbers can also provide privacy, and shade, and protect tender plants from harsh weather conditions. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and offer year-round beauty, be it with colourful blooms or evergreen foliage.

Furthermore, they are versatile and can be trained to grow over arbours, and pergolas, or even be trained as standards. With the right selection, these plants can become a valuable and attractive feature of your garden while they also complement trees and shrubs.

Caring for your climbing plants

To care for climbers, it is important to provide a sturdy support system such as a trellis, wall, or fence for the plant to climb. Water regularly, especially during dry spells, to keep the soil moist. It can help to prune regularly to control growth and shape and fertilise with a balanced fertiliser to promote healthy growth. Ensure adequate sunlight, as climbers require plenty of light to flower and thrive. With proper care, climbers can add beautiful and functional elements to your garden.

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