Hydrangeas bring a wonderful feature to your garden and at Charella, we make sure that you have plenty of varieties to choose from. You can discover a variety of colours that can transform your garden and give it a completely unique look. 

Buy hydrangeas and add colour and elegance to your garden

Hydrangeas are a popular choice for gardeners looking to inject colour through the wonderful array of species of hydrangeas available. Browse our wide selection of products and you will find a huge array of shades including red, white, pink, violet and blue, all of which can bring your garden to life. They are ideal for creating focal points, adding elegance or filling gaps in borders.

You can buy hydrangeas in all shapes and sizes so whether you want something that spreads or something that remains compact, you can find all kinds of hydrangeas available to purchase. Select from the large Hydrangea Forever and Ever Purple variety or buy the smaller Hydrangea Strong Annabelle, giving you the potential to capture the perfect look for your garden. We also deliver across the UK, making it simple to buy hydrangeas throughout the year. 

Create the ideal outdoor space and buy hydrangeas today

This wonderful plant is versatile which means it can be potted or planted in the ground. This enables you to add a whole new dimension to patios, decking or your entire garden. Opt to blend several distinct species that spring into life once the weather becomes warmer but throughout the summer months, they will bring plenty of joy to your garden.

They do not just add colour, they will attract wildlife and give your garden something magical and mesmerising at the same time. They will flower from June to September, giving you something to enjoy year after year.

 Caring for your plants

In general, when you buy hydrangeas, you will not have to worry about spending too much time caring for them. They will flower in a certain colour based on the pH of your soil although your soil should retain moisture, so mulch should be used. You should also place them in a sheltered position alongside walls or garden trees and protect them from severe frost. During the spring, dead branches should be cut while fertiliser can help established plants to thrive. 

Get in touch with the specialists

If you are looking to buy hydrangeas and require assistance then our specialists are always willing to provide their expert advice, so get in touch with us today.

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