At Charella, we stock a wide variety of conifers for sale making it possible to find the ideal plant for your garden or landscaping project. Browse our products and you will discover plants of all shapes and sizes, enabling you to give your outdoor space a touch of colour all year round.

Discover our range of conifers for sale

Through the year, our gardens and outdoor spaces change considerably. Trees lose leaves and flowers lose their colour but our conifers for sale give you the scope to add colour. This evergreen plant comes in a variety of options such as Leylandii, Italian conifers and Juniper. When you buy conifers, you can place them in borders, in pots and you can even place them on decking and patios as they are a versatile plant that comes in a range of sizes.

This versatile plant is hardy enough to withstand the harsh British winter. Italian conifers and all other varieties have thin leaves while others have strap-shaped leaves, adding beautiful foliage that really makes an impact. At Charella, we make it possible to buy conifers for all types of outdoor spaces, giving you the potential to take a flexible approach when designing your garden.

Buy conifers and add colour and texture to your garden

Our conifers for sale are perfect for adding texture and colour to any space. Whether it is a commercial setting or lining a driveway, their elegant and classy appearance makes it possible to add a new level of style. Italian conifers are ideal for adding height to your garden while Leylandii is perfect for improving privacy, while you can create hedging with our conifers for sale. From injecting colour to attracting wildlife, when you buy conifers from Charella, you can complement other plants and garden trees with ease. This gives you the potential to create your dream outdoor space.

Caring for your plant

When you buy conifers such as Italian conifers you will not need to spend too much time caring for them. Initially, they will need watering and mulch can help to retain moisture, while fertiliser can help your tree to thrive. Pruning is rarely needed but removing dead branches is necessary, especially diseased branches as this will allow the tree to continue to thrive.

Call us to discuss your needs

Whether you are looking to purchase Italian conifers or any other conifer, our team of specialists is always on hand to help you with their advice and expertise, so call us today.

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