Barks and Mulches

Barks and Mulches

Getting the most from your garden is all about creating the perfect growing environment and that is where the range of barks and mulches from Charella can help. Whether you want to improve borders, pots or beds, our range of products has been designed to help get the most from your soil and your plants.

Barks and mulches that provide a range of benefits

While you might think that soil alone is enough to help your garden thrive, bark and mulches can offer so much more. They carry out a range of functions such as helping to protect your soil from varying temperatures which can help to protect plants from extreme heat or frost. Providing insulation can help to protect the roots of plants by keeping the soil temperature warm while it can also help to prevent moisture loss.

Weeds can also be a problem for your garden as they can suppress the growth of existing plants but using mulches or bark can help to reduce the growth of weeds. This will ensure that your plants get the moisture and nutrients they require to thrive and grow as they won’t have to compete with weeds.

Improve the look of your garden

From garden trees to colourful shrubs, it is important that you give your garden the best chance of looking perfect. Using mulches and barks from Charella will not only help to give your garden the right moisture and soil temperature but they will also help your plants to stand out. It can help to complement the look of plants by giving a natural appearance while it can also be used for walkways and pathways, making it a versatile solution. In addition, it can also preserve soil by preventing soil erosion while it can reduce flooding by restricting the movement of water.

A sustainable solution for your garden

If you are looking for a simple yet sustainable solution that can help your plants to thrive then our products are all you need. Made using sustainable materials, you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. From the materials used to the way in which it helps trees and garden shrubs to grow, it all helps to create a natural environment that offers an array of benefits.

Contact our experts with ease

Our team of experts are always willing to provide their advice and guidance about barks and mulches when you need it. If you have any questions about our barks and mulches, then feel free to get in touch with us at 01386 859004 or contact us here.

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