Red Panda Bamboo Plants 'Fargesia Jiuzhaigou '1' 7.5 Litre

Red Panda Bamboo Plants 'Fargesia Jiuzhaigou '1' 7.5 Litre

Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou Number 1
Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou Number 1 Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou Number 1 Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou Number 1 Red Panda Bamboo Plants 'Fargesia Jiuzhaigou '1'  7.5 Litre Red Panda Bamboo Plants 'Fargesia Jiuzhaigou '1'  7.5 Litre Red Panda Bamboo Plants 'Fargesia Jiuzhaigou '1'  7.5 Litre
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The Red Bamboo, fully winter hardy and Ideal for a range of conditions from full sun to shade. Can be stand alone specimen planted in a pot or planted to create a screen or informal hedge. Growers best quality.

Plant Size (cm)
Plant Size (cm)
61cm - 80cm
Anticipated Height
Anticipated Height
Growth Speed
Growth Speed
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Red Panda Bamboo 'Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 1'  7.5 Litre: Jiu for short or Red Panda Bamboo is a lovely addition to the Fargesia collection. The young green culms turn orange-brown in the early spring gradually becoming reddish. The contrast between the small narrow leaves and the coloured culms make this a highly ornamental plant, its erect habit makes it very suitable for informal summer hedge, pot and borders.

From a gardeners perspective, all forms of 'Jiuzhaigou' generally have smaller more delicate leaves than other fargesia species and in some cases more vivid and varied colour tones the brilliant red tones of Jiu '1' are most evident in the spring and Autumn. They show their best characteristics when grown in an area with morning sun for 2-4 hours, and shade for the hottest part of the day. Loamy, well draining soil is also important, they do not like clay or very wet soil. 'Jiuzhaigou' will naturally shed about 30 to 40% of its foliage in late Autumn, to prepare for the winter. Whilst still dense enough to act as a screen our personal opinion Jiuzhaigou is not ideal for this purpose it tends to work best in the landscape as a solitary specimen, either in the pot or ground. if you do require solid non invasive evergreen screen or hedge look no further than Fargesia Robusta Campbell. Due to Jiuzhaigou's hardiness and upright form, they make excellent container specimens. They are truly beautiful plants, with an airy, delicate leaf pattern and surprising colour changes throughout the different seasons. Easy to maintain and most garden worthy, even for small, urban spaces.


Jiuzhaigou '1' are a highly adaptable Fargesia. For best results plant in any free draining soil damp soil. In early spring feed with a liquid food with a high nitrogen content, this will help promote new growth and give the plant a boost after the dormant period. In summer a slow release fertiliser is preferable. As with most plants, especially Bamboo always ensure the plant has an adequate water supply especially when planted in a container. This Bamboo requires no special treatment or requirements during the winter months

Planting Position:For best results plant in a bright sunny spot, will also be happy in light shaded areas. Preferably away from exposed windy sites.

Soil: A highly adaptable plant for all soil types, however it is not suited to wet, boggy ground.

Suitable for container planting: Yes a perfect choice for containers, will need repotting approximately every 2 years into larger pots and fresh compost.

Eventual height and spread: Upto 3 metres high with a 2 metre spread.

Growth speed: Relatively quick.

Growth habit: Upright canes with a cascading foliage

Flowering Period: Not Applicable.

Pruning: Not Necessary

Foliage: Narrow pale green leaves on thin reddish canes.

Evergreen: Yes, but like most Bamboo Fargesia, Jiuzhaigou will shed some older foliage in late Autumn through to early Winter, this is not a cause for concern and is perfectly normal, they will soon be replaced when the temperatures start to rise in spring.

Hardiness: Whole of the Uk to -20

Are they evergreen

Bamboo are an evergreen, perennial and a member of the grass family. Fast growing, they take up very little lateral space and yet they can reach fabulous heights extremely quickly, making bamboo a very cost effective choice when you need screening fast! They will naturally shed some leaf during the winter months.

How much water do they need

Like any other plant, bamboo needs three basic things in order to survive. Soil, sun and water. And as a gardener, one of your greatest responsibilities is to provide your bamboo with water. They are an incredibly thirsty plant and will require watering on a daily basis especially during hot periods. .

Will it need a root barrier

Fargesia are a non invasive clumping bamboo and will not require a root barrier. Phyllostachys, Aureosulcata and Pseudosasa are all ‘runners’ which can be either planted in a larger pot or with a root barrier in the ground.

How quickly will it grow

This really is dependent on watering sunshine and care. You would hope to achieve at least another third in growth during the growing season.

How far apart should I plant them

Space mature plants 1 metre apart to form a dense screen. Fast Growing varieties can be planted a little further apart if you don't mind waiting longer for them to fill in the gaps.