Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell 125/150cm. 10/20 Litre

Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell 125/150cm. 10/20 Litre

Freshly Potted Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell.
Freshly Potted Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell. Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell. Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell, new culms for spring 2023. Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell, new culms for spring 2023.
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Bamboo Robusta Campbell, in our opinion the very best non invasive Bamboo. Quick growing ideal for screening, hedges and pots and borders. 

Plant Size (cm)
Plant Size (cm)
101cm - 120cm
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Pot Size - Litre
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Anticipated Height
Anticipated Height
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Growth Speed
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Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell 10/20 Litre 100/125cm: Fargesia Robusta Campbell is a tall Fargesia, growing in ideal conditions to 4m and more.  A superbly tough but beautiful bamboo. This bamboo is one of the most versatile, it will tolerate a wide range of conditions sun, shade, wind and drier conditions. Like other Fargesia it is a clumper rather than a runner and is not remotely invasive. This species is a comparatively recent introduction but has proved to possess very good gardening qualities. It is easy to identify as, unlike most other Fargesia species, it has an upright stature. With an open clumping growth habit the culms grow very straight, almost vertical. Sheaths remain on the culms until early summer creating an almost chequered look alternating between pale and dark. Combined with its evergreen foliage and quick growth habit it makes the perfect choice for a non invasive Bamboo. Whether you are looking to create a large screen/hedge or alternatively using it as a stand alone specimen planted in the garden or in a pot on your patio/balcony, this is a perfect well behaved Bamboo plant.

*These plants are the last of our 10 litre plants from the 2023 season they are freshly potted into 20 litre pots in anticipation of spring 2024. If required the plants can stay in their new pots for the whole of the 2024 growing season.

Although this is an extremely versatile and robust Bamboo, it thrives in humus rich soil, whilst no absolutely necessary we recommend before planting you improve the area by adding some good quality general compost or even better horse manure, preferably the latter, especially if the ground is in poor condition. If you wish to promote lots of new growth, quickly, this may be done in large quantities, although it may seem a pretty unpleasent task once done the plant will show its apprectiation for a considerable length of time.

Planting position: Suitable for a wide range of areas from full sun through to partial shade.

Soil: Any free draining soil but not waterlogged for best results humus rich

Suitable for container planting: Yes ideal for both ground and container.

Eventual height and spread: Up to approximately 4 metres with a 1.5 metre spread.

Growth speed: Quick

Growth habit: Upright

Flowering period: Not applicable

Pruning: Not necessary unless you wish to restrict height.

Foliage: Dark green, new culms create a chequered effect between dark and pale

Evergreen: Yes

Hardiness: -20

Q: Are these a good Bamboo to make a hedge, how many do i need for a 4 metre spread? 

A: In our opinion these are the very best choice for a non invasive Bamboo hedge, they are low maintenance, quick growing, upright and keep excellent winter colour, we recommend planting at intervals of approximately 90 to 100cm, this won't give an instant hedge but will be a good start and will also give the plants room to grow and mature. 

Q: How quick do they grow? 

A: There is no set formula to how fast they will grow, like all plants it can depend on a number factors, planting position, sunlight/climate, soil, care, as a guide in average conditions Robusta Campbell should achieve a growth of approximately 1/3 in height and density annually, for example 1 metre plants will be 130cm by the end of the first year and the following year approximately 180cm then 240cm and so on...

Q: How long will it take for the 5 litre plants to reach the size of your 20 litre plants? 

A: Approximately 2 growing seasons, the 7.5 litre plants approximately one full growing season, spring to spring. 

Q: You say they can reach heights in excess of 4 metres is this realistic? 

A: Yes most definetly. 

Q: Can they be trimmed to restrict height to create a hedge affect? 

A: Yes they are easily trimmed. Literally chop the tops off to the required height, we recommend doing this whilst the plants are dormant, so late autumn or early spring. 

Q: Will they grow in very wet ground? 

A: The quick answer is no, like most Bamboo, Robusta Campbell will not do well in very wet ground, they prefer free draining damp soil.

Q: Are they ok in pots?

A: Yes they will do absolutely fine in a large pot always ensure a good water supply, especially during the growing season. On hot days, water daily do not allow to dry out. 

Q: Do you recommend adding anything to the planting area to help the plants? 

A: There is two choices here, for the die hard gardeners well rotted manure is always a good shout or for fair weather gardeners we recommend Osmocote Pre Plant, this is a slow release fertiliser that will feed the plants for approximately 6 months. 

Q: Will they grow in clay soil? 

A: It depends how heavy the clay is, light clay they will tolerate if the soil is particularly heavy we would recommend digging it out as much as possible and filling with a good grade of top soil or multi purpose compost.