Grape Vine

Grape Vine

Are you looking for something different to grow in your garden? Do you want to add colour and texture while also benefitting from wonderful grapes each year? At Charella, we sell a selection of grape vine varieties that are a joy to grow but also add a unique touch to your outdoor space.

Capture a unique appearance with a Grape vine

If you are tired of your garden looking bland and colourless then a Grape vine will inject style and elegance. This climbing plant is easy to care for, but its large leaves and colourful grapes are perfect for bringing a vibrant tone to your garden every year. This wonderful plant is a rewarding addition to your garden as it gives you the opportunity to indulge in its wonderful fruit.

Our grape vines are known to produce exceptional yields of grapes that are packed with flavour but also enhance the appearance of your garden with varying depths and an elegant foliage that stands out. Once you order your Grape vine, it will be delivered straight to your door, giving you the ability to plant it and watch it transform the shape and appearance of your garden.

Give your garden a touch of luxury

This plant is a perfect option for those who want to create a luxurious look for their garden. You can plant it so it winds around pergolas or trellis while the wonderful colour will help to attract wildlife during the height of Summer. These attractive plants can also be grown in pots and borders, making them a suitable addition to small and compact outdoor spaces. With a large enough yield, it is also possible to enjoy them as a homemade wine although they are sweet and delicious to consume as they are. Whatever you are looking for, there is no doubt that this gracious plant will bring so much more to your garden.

Caring for your plant the right way

The plant will need regular watering during the Spring and Summer. It will need to be positioned in the sun so it can ripen, and it will do well in most soils, although it will need to drain well. When it comes to pruning, you should look to do this in January while you should ensure you feed it regularly with fertiliser every four weeks.

Contacting Charella

For more info about our products or to access expert advice you can give us a call at 01386 859004 or Charella can be contacted here. Our team will offer all the guidance and help you require.

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