Juniper Trees

Juniper Trees

Give your garden a luxurious look by planting Juniper trees, which will rapidly transform your garden. It could not be easier to enhance your garden and create a space that benefits from colour and elegance. If you are looking to improve your garden and undertake a landscaping project, Juniper Trees offer everything you could want. 

What can you expect from Juniper Trees?

Juniper is a diverse genus of evergreen coniferous trees and shrubs found in many regions of the world, ranging from Central America to the Arctic. The Juniperus communis species is found throughout the United Kingdom and is a popular choice for gardens and landscaping due to its distinct texture and colour.

They possess needle-like leaves that come in a variety of colours including vivid blues and greens while the leaves have a distinct look that resembles scales. Female juniper trees bear berries that are usually blue in colour, although this may vary among different species. Male juniper trees, on the other hand, produce small catkin-like cones.

How can they enhance your garden?

Columnar Juniper, also known as upright Juniper, are often used as screens, in tight spaces, or as a main feature in gardens. One well-known variety is the Juniperus Scopulorum, also known as the 'Blue Arrow', this comes with a narrow profile and striking blue foliage.

For smaller gardens, Juniper bushes that are low spreading are a great option. These varieties generally grow up to 1 meter tall and are ideal for ground cover.

Care and maintenance

These hardy plants are low maintenance and adaptable to a variety of conditions, making them an excellent choice for any gardener. To start, junipers prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Watering your juniper regularly, especially during dry spells, will keep the soil consistently moist.

Fertilising your juniper is also important for its health and growth. A slow-release fertilizer or a balanced granular fertiliser can be applied in the spring or early summer. Pruning your juniper is also an important aspect of care, as it helps to maintain its shape and size. You can prune your juniper in the spring or early summer, removing any dead or diseased branches.

Contacting Charella

Juniper trees will add texture to your garden throughout the year and bring year-round texture and colour to your garden. Furthermore, it will inject a variety of colours ranging from yellows to greens and blues, all of which will add elegance and charm to your garden.

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