Create a garden or outdoor space that you can be proud of when you browse our selection of Junipers for sale. Charella boasts an impressive array of Junipers, giving you the ideal opportunity to discover an attractive addition to your garden.

Colour and style throughout the year

Junipers are a stunning plant that can be purchased in a variety of colours including greens and blues. This evergreen colour will constantly bring colour and charm to any garden, bringing it to life from Winter through to Autumn. The narrow needles bring the foliage to life, giving your garden a new dimension and texture that creates a focal point that stands out.

It is a versatile plant that can complement other garden trees and plants in your garden. So, whether you want to give your patio an uplift or want to add a touch of luxury by lining your driveway, this is the perfect plant for you. It is possible to plant these wonderful trees in the ground or keep them in a pot, giving you the ability to add them to any area of your home or garden.

A variety of Juniper trees are available

This popular plant is known for giving gardens a fresh and vibrant appearance. You can also choose from a range of species including the Juniperus Virginiana Skyrocket or the Juniperus Scopulorum Blue Arrow. Reaching a height of up to five metres, they can add height and improve privacy and they can withstand a range of temperatures, making this a hardy option for any gardener who wants a garden that is simple to care for.

This narrow tree will not only enhance the appearance of your garden, but also gives off a wonderful aroma. Your garden will come to life and will attract wildlife while also looking aesthetically pleasing all year long.

Taking care of your tree

Junipers are known to be easy to care for. As it is an evergreen plant, it is hardy and can withstand Summer and Winter temperatures. They can thrive in a range of soils although you might want to consider using fertiliser during early spring. You will not have to worry about pruning and they will grow well in an area that offers partial shade.

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