Hardy Outdoor Yucca Gloriosa 2 Size Options

Hardy Outdoor Yucca Gloriosa 2 Size Options

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Large Outdoor Yucca Plant Yucca Gloriosa - Green 10 Litre.
Large Outdoor Yucca Plant Yucca Gloriosa - Green 10 Litre. Large Outdoor Yucca Plant Yucca Gloriosa - Green 18 Litre.
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Green Yucca Glorosa availbale in two size options, large established plants. 

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Plant Size (cm)
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Anticipated Height
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Large Hardy Outddor Yucca Gloriosa 10 Litre or 18 Litre: Aka Spanish Dagger.  Yucca Gloriosa, an evergreen decorative shrub that provides year round interest and and colour to the garden even through the harshest of winters. Tall white flowers can appear in mid to late summer. Similar in looks to Yucca Filamentosa, but foliage has a more drapng effect and are softer and less rigid than Yucca Gloriosa Variegata It is fully hardy and even drought tolerant when mature. 

Planting Position: Yucca are best planted in full sun but will tolerate light shade.

Soil: Plant in well drained soil that is generally dry, will not tolerate very wet or waterlogged soil.

Suitable for container planting: Yes ideal for both ground and container.

Pruning: Actual plant not necessary, remove flower spikes with secateurs or sharp scissors after flowers have died off. And and lower leaves that become damaged.

Foliage: Variegated dark green with creamy green centres, sword shaped.

Hardiness: -10

Yucca Bright Edge is an extremely robust specimen that apart from removing faded flower spikes in late summer requires liitle or virtually no maintinence. For best results provide well drained soil in full sun. Water regularly during the first two years until the plant becomes established, then less often, feeding with a slow release fertiliser during late spring is beneficial but not entirely necessary. This plant requires no special attention during the winter months.

Eventual height and spread: Approximately 1 Metre tall with a 4ft spread.

Growth speed: Relatively quick.

Growth Habit: Upright, with a cascading form.

Flowering Period: Creamy white bell shaped flowers on long spikes appear mid to late summer up to 1.5 metres high

Foliage: Variageted dark green with cream margins, sword shaped.

Evergreen: Yes, this plant looks great in the winter months, especially during clear frosty mornings. Hardiness: -10.