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If you are looking to make a bold statement in any outdoor space, then you can purchase Italian Cypress Trees from Charella.

This distinctive tree is ideal for many different areas, creating a unique look that enhances space, adds colour, and brings with it many different benefits.

Our beautiful Cypress Trees create the perfect focal point

Cypress trees have long been admired for their elegant and striking silhouette. An architectural plant, these evergreen trees are known for their narrow and columnar form, with erect branches that retain their pencil-thin shape throughout their lifetime. Italian Cypress trees are a particularly popular variety, known for its ability to grow up to 15 meters in height.

One of the unique features of these particular trees is its ability to be easily trimmed to the desired height. This makes it a popular choice for landscaping, as it can be shaped to fit any space or garden design which is why it is great for adding to borders with other shrubs.

The cypress tree has dark green foliage and a tall, slender form which can add a sophisticated and formal look to any outdoor space while they can complement other trees too.

Transform your home and space in a unique way

If you want to add a modern yet elegant look to your garden, driveway, or any other area of your home, then a Cypress tree is the perfect addition. One of the most popular ways to incorporate cypress into landscaping is by planting them in pairs outside front entrances. This creates a striking and welcoming entrance that is sure to impress guests and visitors.

Our beautiful Cypress trees also look great planted in rows within formal gardens. Think of Northern Italy with their Cypress tree lined roads. The tall, slender shape of the Italian Cypress trees creates a sense of structure and symmetry that is perfect for traditional garden designs. They can also be used as a singular focal point, adding a touch of elegance and drama to any garden.

Bring wildlife into your garden

Cypress trees are havens for wildlife. Birds are especially fond of Cypress trees' sturdy branches and needles that make for excellent nest-building material.

Planting guidance

Plant Italian cypress in well drained, reasonably fertile soil without additional organic matter or fertiliser. Avoid heavy soils that are prone to waterlogging, especially in winter. Beware of planting too deeply, which can cause the stem to rot – the top of the root ball should be level or slightly above the surrounding soil level. Ideally plant in late winter to spring and keep watered during dry spells for the first 1-2 growing seasons.

Regular trimming is essential to maintain the slender upright shape, starting from when the tree is very young. During May to September, use shears to clip the sides to produce neat, dense growth on an evenly shaped tree, whilst avoiding cutting into older wood.

Care and Maintenance

Another wonderful benefit of Italian Cypress trees is that they are easy to care for. They can tolerate dry soil and are also suitable for a range of soil types. You should avoid over watering your Italian Cyprus trees while they can benefit from partial shade. Regular trimming can help them to keep their shape while fertiliser can help them to thrive.

Aphids often occur on Italian cypress and may be followed by black sooty mould that thrives on the sticky honeydew.  Encouraging wildlife and beneficial insects, which will feed on the aphids, is the best method of control as they do not pose any long term damage.

Diseases such as coryneum canker and honey fungus white fungal growth between the bark and wood, usually at the base of the tree.  If you prune away the affected area, try to do this in dry conditions to prevent the spores traveling, this will hopefully deal with the situation.

Root rot is prevalent with Cypress trees that do not have adequate soil drainage. Severe infections will present as yellowing foliage and damaged roots. The fungus spreads through the stump and its root system, and may eventually infect the entire tree.

Prune off dead or diseased branches as soon as you recognise them, and examine the tree for canker and root disease on a regular basis.

Cypress Totem -v- Cypress Pyramidalis A slight upgrade on Pyramidalis and a big upgrade on the Stricta variety. Totem tend to be a much darker green and foliage is more compact/dense and unlike Stricta are not susceptible to virus.

Confusion between “Cyprus” and “Cypress”
Many people search for “Italian Cyprus Trees” when they are looking to buy “Italian Cypress Trees”. This is a commonly confused spelling mistake. The trees are spelled as “Cypress”, although some Cypress species are native to Cyprus that is where the similarity ends!

Ancient Italian's chose to plant the tree around their burial grounds as they believed that the supernatural powers and strong, fragrant essential oils could ward off the demons and even the smell of death itself ensuring a safe passage into the afterlife.

The beautiful Cypress tree also has a fascinating history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used the durable trees to build mummy cases. The Greeks were also fans of the tree and used its wood to create urns to store the ashes of those who died in battle.



Van Gogh - 1889 Cypresses

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