Our Spectacular Acer Trees

Acer Trees, also known as Maple trees, are a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers. See our vast range of Spectacular Acer Trees online. Their unique leaf shapes and dynamic foliage, which often changes colour throughout the seasons, make them a stand-out choice. At Charella, we are committed to providing access to a vast range of stunning Acer trees for sale.

Give your garden a distinctive look with our Acer trees for sale

Acer trees come in a wide range of colours, including purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, and green. Our selection includes a vast array of different varieties of Acer trees. Popular choices like Japanese Maple, Norway Maple, Field Maple, and some less common options are available. When the time comes to buy Acer trees, our range of options will enable you to find the perfect addition to other garden trees or plants. Maple trees are a desirable option for any gardening or landscaping project due to their striking appearance and distinct leaf shape. They come in a range of forms, including upright, spreading, mound-forming, and round, and can be either trees or shrubs. Whether you are looking to create a focal point or add a touch of colour to your outdoor space, you can buy Acer trees at Charella that will meet your every need.

Buy Acer trees for any project

Our trees might be known for their distinctive look, but we make it possible to choose from a variety of trees for your project. When you buy maples, you can rejuvenate patios and decking, or you can complement other shrubs and plants in your garden. It is also easy to create a focal point in any outdoor space and throughout the year, you will benefit from vibrant and vivid colours that really set your garden apart. Whether you are looking for height, privacy or to transform the look and feel of your space, look through our Acer trees for sale and have yours delivered in no time at all.

Caring for your tree

Acer or Maple trees need to be placed in soil that drains well while the location should be exposed to partial through to full sun. They will need regular watering as this helps counteract the effects of the environment that causes scorching, while it is recommended that you fertilise them during the early spring months. Late winter is the time to prune them to remove dead or damaged branches while a layer of mulch will help to retain moisture and minimise the risk of weeds. Acer's do better in Acidic to Neutral soil.

Here is a guide to soil types:

Soil Types:
  • Chalky Soils - very alkaline.  Can be light or heavy
  • Peat Soils - very high in organic matter and moisture
  • Loams - mixtures of clay, sand and silt
  • Silt Soils - Fertile, light and moisture retentive
  • Sandy Soils - light, dry and low in nutrients - often acidic
  • Clay Soils - heavy, high in nutrients. Bake dry in Summer and wet and cold in winter
It is important to improve the quality of soil as this helps give your plants all the nutrients necessary to establish themselves and grow. If you do have doubts about the quality of the soil here are a few tips: Sandy Soil:   In order to thicken the consistency of the soil, it is a good idea to dig in some well rotted manure. If you do not have access to Manure then a good quality multi-purpose compost will also help. We would suggest doing this in the Autumn/Winter months so your garden is ready for Spring. High Acidic Soil:   If your soil has an Acidic level below 6 then you can dig through some lime.   This will help neutralise the area but it is worth checking the levels over a period of time.
  • 0-5  - Acidic Soil
  • 6-8  - Neutral - ideal planting
  • 8-9  - Alkaline
  • 9-14 - Highly Alkaline
Heavy Clay soil:   In order to breakdown the thick clay soil we would suggest digging through well-rotten manure. If you do not have access to manure then a good quality multi-purpose compost will also help. Adding a well-rotted manure or compost is a great winter job.   This will help get the ground ready for Spring.

Common problems for Acer's

Leaf scorch

This is generally caused by environmental stresses such as frosts, drying winds, water logging, drought or intense sun. Keeping the soil moist at all times (free draining soil so it does not water log) will help keep the foliage supple.

Verticillium Wilt

The most common problems Maple encounter are Pseudomonas bacterial infection and vascular diseases produced by the Fusarium and Verticillium fungi. Verticillium wilt is a fungal disease borne in the soil which can impact a range of plants – maples included. This disease can cause maple leaves to yellow, wilt and die back.

Though this problem can arise throughout the year, it is most likely to strike during hot weather in summer.

Pest Problems

Aphids and Horse Chestnut scale are common pest problems for Maples.   Using a general pesticide will help.   Our spectacular acer trees


Branch pruning and training bonsai

The pruning of bonsai is very specific to individual species of tree. In the beginning, a young bonsai would require pruning about once a year in order to form your ultimate shape. Once established, plants require pruning and trimming several times a year to keep them balanced and in shape. Acer's should be hard-pruned in autumn or early winter.   Prune shoots as necessary during the growing season while they are still soft.

Branch training and shaping

  • Branches are coerced into many different arrangements by using wire wrapped along each branch and then moved into place.
  • Untangle any long roots and then remove with sharp scissors
  • You are looking to leave a neat and trimmed root-ball that is flat and circular
  • Place back into its container and use a pencil or chopstick to gently work the compost in and around the roots
  • Water well and keep in a shady, sheltered spot to reduce additional environmental stresses until it has firmly re-established

A couple of fun facts

  • The smallest bonsai tree in the world can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • The most expensive bonsai tree in the world was sold for $1.3 million.
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