Our Stylish Potted Trees

Stylish plant pots and planters

Giving your garden a unique look is simple with our stylish potted trees.

They are ideal for use in small gardens and spaces where it is not possible to plant larger trees.

Our potted outdoor trees are available in a range of varieties including evergreens as well as the likes of Wisterias and Buddleias.

Transform your garden with our stylish potted trees

At Charella Gardens, we are committed to providing the highest quality potted outdoor trees.

They are perfect for adding colour and elegance to any space, regardless of how big or small it might be.

They are suitable for decked areas and patios, and they can also bring out other shrubs and plants.

You can choose from a wide range of potted trees such as the Camellia  and the Bamboo Fargesia Robusta Campbell

Charella Gardens have potted outdoor trees to fit all budgets and gardens.

Whether you have a standard garden design or something more modern, our trees will give your garden a completely fresh look and feel.

Offering glossy leaves, stunning textures, and a range of different growth styles, we have something to fit every space.

Give your garden a unique look

What makes our trees unique is how they are suitable for every kind of project.

Give your garden a smart appearance with several different varieties of potted outdoor trees and add colour all-year-round.

They are perfect for filling gaps in borders, and they can complement other types of shrubs and plants at the same time.

They can range from decorative to simple and they are easy to care for.

At Charella Gardens, we are committed to delivering trees at affordable prices, making our products available to all.

Whether you are an avid gardener or someone new to gardening, it could not be easier to discover the perfect trees for your home.

Why not add to your Restaurant or Bar

our stylish potted trees Stylish Plant Pots and Planters

We also supply restaurants and bars.

If you have a doorway that you would like to dress simply give us a call and we can advise what will fit the space.

We also provide pots that are on wheels which can be wheeled in at night.

Take a look at our Millennium Cubes made from Recyclable materials and wheels for your convenience.

If you are within our own van delivery area we can position them at your door.  All you need to do is water!

Our Stylish Potted Trees

As a rough guide we deliver to almost all destinations south of our nursery in the Cotswolds and upto approximately Manchester and Leeds if heading north.

The Website will not take your order if you are outside of one of our delivery postcodes, this will be confirmed in the checkout and basket area when postcode is entered.

We may be able to deliver outside of one of our regular areas but by arrangement only.

Caring for potted outdoor trees

Caring for trees that are potted is similar to caring for them in the ground.

They should be placed in an area with ample sunlight, and the soil should be well-draining.

Potted trees require consistent watering but be careful not to overwater as it can cause root rot.

They should be fertilised regularly with a slow release fertiliser.

Pruning is also necessary to enhance growth and to remove any dead or diseased branches.

Keeping an eye on the tree's overall health and taking prompt action if any pests or diseases are noticed will help keep the tree healthy and thriving.

The Royal Horticultural Society have also published guidance on the care of plants in containers.  Here is the link.

Contact information

To discover more about our variety of trees or for expert advice, we are always on hand to help you find the ideal option for your garden.

We hope you have found our Stylish Potted trees guide useful.