The Benefits of Animal and Plant Health agency

The Animal and Plant health Agency and their involvement with our Nursery

Who are the Animal and Plant Health Agency/ APHA

APHA is an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, otherwise known as DEFRA.

The responsibility and The Benefits of The Animal and Plant Health Agency in the Horticultural world is to safeguard plant health for the benefit of the people, the environment and the economy.

Requirements to be Authorised by Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA):

  • have a person responsible based on site and with GB contact details.
  • have knowledge of pest biology, best practice in pest prevention and eradication planning and ways to take these forward if regulated pests are encountered at authorised premises.
  • Have trained staff who are responsible for carrying out inspections of plant or wood products that must have a Plant Passport when moved within the EU.
  • Have systems and procedures in place to fulfil obligations regarding traceability or consignments and to keep appropriate records for 3 years.

As Plant Passport holders , here at Charella Gardens, we ensure that our plants are traced throughout the supply chain and declare compliance with plant health requirements such as freedom from pests which is essential for maintaining biosecurity.

In order to be authorised to issue plant passports, APHA interview the person responsible at the Nursery, Audit our records annually, inspect host plants when they arrive with us and periodically sample them to make sure they are free from pests or diseases.

Authorisation is reviewed annually to make sure we are competent and able to trade plants free of regulated organisms.

why our olive trees have passports

You will see our passport labels on your plants.  They will look something like this.

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