Large Black Bamboo Plants Phyllostachys Nigra 150/175cm. 18 Litre

Large Black Bamboo Plants Phyllostachys Nigra 150/175cm. 18 Litre

Large Black Bamboo Plants 18 Litre 175/200cm.
Large Black Bamboo Plants 18 Litre 175/200cm. Large Black Bamboo Plants Phyllostachys Nigra 150/175cm. 18 Litre Large Black Bamboo Plants Phyllostachys Nigra 150/175cm. 18 Litre
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Quick Overview

Large established plants in 18 litre pots with heights upto 1.75m. 

Plant Size (cm)
Plant Size (cm)
150 - 175cm
Pot Size - Litre
Pot Size - Litre
18 Litre
Anticipated Height
Anticipated Height
Growth Speed
Growth Speed
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99 In stock

Large Established Black Bamboo Plants 'Phyllostachys Nigra' 18 Litre Pot - The Black Bamboo. This has to be one of the most popular and best known of all the bamboo plants available in the uk, its certainly one of our very best sellers. The jet black canes reach around 4 or 5 metres in height and are covered in masses of lush green dainty leaves. The best situation for the black bamboo is in a good, rich soil that does not dry out too readily but also does not have a tendency to waterlog over the winter months. The black bamboo also grows well in a container, but will need moving to a larger pot each year and must be kept well watered at all times to ensure good, strong growth. Feed with a general purpose feed between the months of May and September to keep the plant looking lush and healthy. You should expect the black bamboo to add about a third to its height and spread each year and if it is really happy, maybe even more! To achieve the blackest canes possible, plant in full sun and enjoy the wait as the canes turn from a lush green to an ebony. 

Although completely hardy all Bamboo especially Nigra and even more so when relativelty young can suffer from windburn in winter which can damage the tips of the foliage its nothing to be concerned with and as soon as the weather starts to warm up new foliage will push through. As the plant matures it occurs less and less. Picture 1 taken in summer, picture 2 & 3 taken in February. 

Planting Position: Although Phyllostachys Nigra are suitable for a wide range of areas these plants are best suited to a sunny position where the sun’s rays can help the canes become as dark as possible, where possible they should be sheltered from cold drying winds that can on rare occasions permanently damage foliage this is especially important for coastal areas, black bamboo do not respond well to cold winds. 

Soil: Any free draining damp soil is suitable but away from waterlogged areas.

Suitable for container planting: Yes ideal for both ground and container if in the pot will need to be re-potted periodically.

Eventual height and spread: Up to 5 metres with a 3 metre plus spread.

Growth Speed: Quick, Black bamboo can expect to add approximately 1/3 to its size annually.

Growth Habit: Upright

Flowering Period: Not Applicable.

Pruning: Not necessary.

Foliage: Dark to mid green up to 8cm long.

Evergreen: Yes, but like almost all Bamboo plants do shed some leaves during late Autumn/Early winter however these will soon be replaced once the temperatures start to rise and the growing season commences

Hardiness: -20 suitable for the whole UK

Although Bamboo 'Nigra' is a very versatile plant it grows best in well areated soil that is light in structure and rich in organic nutrients, ideally it should have good drainage but still retain some moisture. To promote growth and to help with keeping your plant looking lush and green feed with a general purpose organic liquid food during the growing season. If planted in a pot ensure an adequate water supply at all times. This plant need has no special requirements during the winter months. Awarded RHS Award of Garden Merit.


Are they evergreen

Bamboo are an evergreen, perennial and a member of the grass family. Fast growing, they take up very little lateral space and yet they can reach fabulous heights extremely quickly, making bamboo a very cost effective choice when you need screening fast! They will naturally shed some leaf during the winter months.

How much water do they need

Like any other plant, bamboo needs three basic things in order to survive. Soil, sun and water. And as a gardener, one of your greatest responsibilities is to provide your bamboo with water. They are an incredibly thirsty plant and will require watering on a daily basis especially during hot periods. .

Will it need a root barrier

Fargesia are a non invasive clumping bamboo and will not require a root barrier. Phyllostachys, Aureosulcata and Pseudosasa are all ‘runners’ which can be either planted in a larger pot or with a root barrier in the ground.

How quickly will it grow

This really is dependent on watering sunshine and care. You would hope to achieve at least another third in growth during the growing season. 

How far apart should I plant them

Space mature plants 1 metre apart to form a dense screen. Fast Growing varieties can be planted a little further apart if you don't mind waiting longer for them to fill in the gaps.