Pot Size Chart

As a rule, here at Charella, we only sell the more established plants of 5 litre or more. We want to offer the customer an already established, winter hardy plant. You will receive your plant in a Nursery Pot that encases the rootball if you are not planting in the ground ideally you will need to repot into something larger. With this in mind we have compiled a rough guide to sizing. Obviously pots can be of different depth, shape etc.. but if you use the table below it will give you an indication of size.

For fast growing plants such as Bamboo its recommended you jump several sizes otherwise you will be repotting annually. 



Pot/Rootball Size CMs
3 litre pot 19cm
4 litre pot 21cm
5 litre pot 23cm
7.5 litre pot 27cm
10 litre pot 30cm
12 litre pot 32cm
15 litre pot 34cm
18 litre pot 36cm
20 litre pot 38cm
25 litre pot 40cm
50 litre pot 50cm