Bamboo Fargesia Rufa 2 Litre. 40-60cm - Looking Good.


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  • Pot Size (cm)


  • Location

    Full Sun To Partial Shade

  • Height

    40cm ex pot

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  • Suitable for containers


Highest quality Umbrella Bamboo. suitable for just about anywhere in the garden. Fully hardy for entire UK.

Bamboo Fargesia Rufa 2 litre: Top Quality: Fargesia Rufa is one of the first shooting Bamboo of the year this coupled with its vigorous growth rate, giving numerous new culms annually make it an ideal choice for a growing Bamboo, it is one of the lower growing varieties, only reaching an absolute maximum of 3.5 metres, which although is 11 feet this is relatively short in terms of Bamboo. Ideal for planting in a wide range of conditions but preferably somewhere away from hot midday sun in warmer areas of the Uk. Can be used as a stand alone specimen, pot planted, or because of its rather drooping nature to create an informal hedge. Being a non invasive clumping Bamboo there is no need to plant using a root barrier to restrict growth.

What to expect: Your plant will arrive with an actual plant size excluding the pot of approximately 40cm. Planted in a 2 litre/17cm pot. And will look just like the plant in the pictures.


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Planting Position: Suitable for a wide range of areas of the garden, in a wide range of conditions, full sun through to semi shade, although as previously said in the warmer parts of the uk somewhere sheltered from full afternoon sun.

Soil: Any free draining damp soil but not waterlogged.

Suitable for container planting: Yes ideal for both ground and container.

Eventual height and spread: 3.5 Metres maximum with a 1.5 metre spread.

Growth Speed: Quick

Growth Habit: Upright canes with cascading foliage

Flowering Period: Not Applicable

Pruning: Not necessary.

Foliage: Dense cane growth with cascading mid green leaves

Evergreen: Yes

Hardiness: -15

Bamboo Fargesia can be planted in any free draining soil damp soil preferably out of hot midday sun (in warmer areas of the UK ) and sheltered from strong winds. In early spring feed with a liquid food with a high nitrogen content, this will help promote new growth and give the plant a boost after the dormant period. In summer a slow release fertiliser is preferable. As with most plants, especially Bamboo always ensure the plant has an adequate water supply especially when planted in a container. This Bamboo requires no special treatment or requirements during the winter months.

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