Italian Terracotta Pots Primitivo - 3 Size Options

Italian Terracotta Pots Primitivo - 3 Size Options

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Italian Terracotta Pots Primitivo - 3 Size Options
Italian Terracotta Pots Primitivo - 3 Size Options
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Frost resistant Italian Terracotta pots in 3 size options.  

Medium 43cm Wide x 41cm High.

Large 49cm Wide x 45cm High.

Extra Large 60cm Wide x 53cm High. 

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Primitivo Cono White Terracotta In 3 Size Options: Terracotta pots, crafted from fired clay, offer a plethora of benefits for plant enthusiasts. Their porous composition ensures optimal breathability, promoting healthy root systems by preventing soil compaction and enhancing oxygen circulation. The clay's moisture-absorbing capacity prevents overwatering, actively wicking away excess water to curb the risk of root rot, while also gradually releasing moisture back into the soil to maintain consistent hydration.

The insulating properties of terracotta contribute to temperature moderation, shielding plant roots from extreme weather conditions. Durability is a hallmark feature, with the robust clay material resisting cracks and breakage, ensuring longevity and reliability for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the pH-neutral nature of terracotta provides a stable environment for plants, allowing gardeners greater control over soil acidity if necessary. 

Beyond functionality, the aesthetic appeal of terracotta pots is undeniable. The warm, earthy tones and natural textures complement various garden styles, while the variety of shapes and sizes offer flexibility in design. The weight of terracotta pots provides stability, preventing top-heavy plants from toppling over.

3 Size Options Total Height  Internal Width (Top)  Width At base  Approximate Volume
Medium 43cm Ø 41cm 40cm 28cm 35 Litre
Large 49cm Ø 45cm 46cm 33cm 50 Litre
Extra Large 60cm Ø 53cm 57cm 40cm 90 Litre

Due to the weight and delicate nature of Terracotta the larger 2 sizes of pots need to be delivered by ourselves or by fragile pallet service. The cost is determined in the checkout process when your postcode is entered. As a general rule we personally deliver to almost all destinations south of the nursery in the Cotswolds and if heading north upto approximately Manchester and Leeds. Cost of van deliveries start from £19.95 and pallet deliveries for England and Wales are capped at £69.95 regardles of amount of products purchased.