Versatile Garden Trees.

Versatile Garden Trees

If you are looking to buy a versatile garden tree that make an instant impact on your garden or outdoor space then look no further.

Our range of trees will enable you to capture the look you want to achieve.

At Charella Gardens, we focus on providing many different tree varieties that can transform your garden.

Versatile garden trees that fit your outdoor space.

We understand that every garden project is unique which is why we only offer the most popular variety of trees at Charella.

You can discover deciduous trees, evergreen trees, tall trees, and trees that are perfect for adding privacy to your garden.

We specialise in mature plants, whether you are looking to add colour, attract wildlife, create a focal point, or simply add more foliage.

We make it simple to buy trees for your home.

From back gardens to front gardens and many other outdoor spaces, you will find all types for sale.

Whatever you are looking for, we guarantee that our trees will enable you to create a space that you can be proud of.

How to select Versatile Garden Trees for your garden

Trees can have a profound effect on the overall feel of a garden.

Decide what is important to you in your outside space, whether this is colour, screening or scent and let us guide you.

The species you choose can make a substantial difference in terms of the aesthetics and functionality of your garden.

Mature flowering trees like Dogwood and Redbud are known for their breath-taking seasonal blooms.

Established evergreens like pine and spruce can make a year-round impact.

Mature trees like Himalayan Birch with striking bark and Japanese Maple with majestic shapes can be a focal point.

Add colour and elegance with ease with our versatile garden trees.

Versatile Garden Trees

You can add all-year-round colour and an exotic look with our variety of palm plants.

Perhaps you want a classy look that adds elegance? If so, then our Cypress trees are ideal for lining driveways and borders.

versatile garden trees japanese

If you want an injection of colour, then the likes of the Japanese Maple are going to breathe life into your garden.

We make it simple to buy trees that make your ideas a reality.

We focus on providing a range of plants for sale, giving our clients the opportunity to create the look they desire.

Our versatile garden trees can add so much to a garden because they can make patio or garden areas more attractive.

A wide variety of versatile garden trees.

In the UK, we are fortunate to have many stunning and beautiful large trees to choose from.

This can include mature trees such as Abies Concolor or the Magnolia Grandiflora, all of which can grow up to six metres in height.

Trees can offer privacy, character and an architectural back drop to your outside space.

You can also choose from an impressive array of mature deciduous trees.

Deciduous trees come to life during the summer months, bringing wildlife and colour to your space.

Trees offer many different shades of colour, berries and scents, your garden will take on its own character, giving you a space that you can enjoy.

The Woodlands Trust offer excellent guidance on the planting of trees.

As well as technical advice they also offer guidance on the impact to the local community.

Common Problems associated with trees.

As with all plants and trees in the UK there are various pests and diseases that can affect them.

If you do have concerns, please feel free to contact us or here is a link to the RHS guidance page.

Concerns regarding the planting of trees is whether permission from the local council is needed.

Although you don't need permission to plant large trees you do need to think carefully about where you are planting it.

While most trees growing near buildings cause no damage, in some cases subsidence and structural damage can be linked to tree roots.

The RHS have an excellent guidance page with some general information which covers all aspects of concern.

The importance of the Woodland Trust.

The Woodland trust was formed in 1972.  Since that date they have planted in excess of 55 million trees.

As a third of all woodland wildlife is in decline we need to act now.

Their aim is to protect woods and trees in the UK so we can enjoy a healthier future.

For example the more trees we plant in cities, the cleaner our air becomes.   They create wildlife rich woods that we can all explore.

It is important we all support the trust.   Join the movement of 300,000 plus individuals supporting the cause.


Trees and woodland in particular provide clean air, protection from flooding, and store carbon - vital if we're to prevent climate breakdown.

In Great Britain, the value of trees alone for flood protection is estimated to be £6.5 billion.

Biodiversity also enriches our lives.

Following the Covid lockdowns, there is growing evidence to show that green spaces are good for our mental health

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